Search Engine Optimization

Hi There, I am Seb! It’s great having you here!

I will take you through a couple of questions to understand better your needs. 

WOW. Your website has to be amazing! You will see effects of SEO faster than you think.
The age of your website has an influence on your SEO, the older it is, the more established your business is in the eyes of Google.
It's exciting to start a new business or project. We will lift your website up to the first page!
OK, so you already have a website, but it is still quite new. No problemo Sir!
Well, I can't wait to see your website. You had enough time to do something cool 😉
Responsiveness of your website is crucial in 21st Century. Over 50% of the Internet traffic comes from mobile. Is you website mobile-friendly? Google doesn't like website that do not support mobile technology.
Cool! I wanna see it! It should be a bit easier with responsive website. Google likes responsive technology.
It's fine for now, but it will be much more difficult for us to make it to the first page. Maybe you should consider redesigning your website? It doesn't have to be expensive! You can check it here:
Are all the images and website code optimized? Your website shouldn't have repeated code, blank spaces or include scripts that slow it down. 
That's great. Website size optimisation is one of many important steps in SEO. Thanks for doing it!
It's ok! You can count on us. We will scrub out your website so it will be spotless!

Thanks! That's all we need to know! Just leave your details and we will contact you ASAP!
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