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Flexible, responsive and professional. Our ICT Operatives are geared to handle your requests, covering a wide range of platforms and technologies, letting you rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands.

Remote maintenance & troubleshooting

Put your feet up and relax while one of our technicians remotely connect to your PC. Whether it’s a slow-running machine or a misbehaving application no task is too hard.

Multi-platform support

Professional support for a variety of devices & platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX/iOS & Android whether it be on a PC, laptop or mobile device

Cloud Services

Cloud-based services offer some of the most exciting and cutting edge products on the internet right now. Cloud storage or email, you can be sure we’re in the know.

Malware Removal & Protection

Our custom-made procedures and search techniques allow us to efficiently identify, quarantine and eliminate any threat – And most importantly, avoid future incursions through our expert re configuration.

Backup and Recovery

Nobody wants to lose their valuable documents, photos or videos. We can help you put in place a robust backup solution which will ensure that you can breathe easy knowing that your data is safe.


You are in control. You can book a remote session for the date & time of your choice, allowing us to work around your schedule.